5 Hilarious Ways To Defeat Terrifying Video Game Enemies


You Can Lock The Monsters Out Of The House In Resident Evil 7

The Baker family are the evil residents residing in Resident Evil 7‘s evil residence. A sinister experiment has turned this brood of nice, normal hillbillies into a roving gang of evil … well, still hillbillies. They are ruthless, mostly invincible monsters who chase you relentlessly throughout their rather poorly maintained property. But for some reason, their artificial intelligence is limited to the confines of their house, so luring them outside will have hilarious results.

Once Jack Baker finds you, just tease him out by slowly walking away from him. When you’re both outside, the door will slam shut by itself, because this is a spoooooky house (and also to prevent the game from wasting resources on areas the player isn’t looking at). That’s when Jack abruptly decides to give up on this whole “terrorizing normies” business and heads back into the house … only to get hopelessly stuck at the door.

CapcomAt this point, his body is possessed by the spirit of a dude half-assing it on a treadmill.

Note that Jack is perfectly capable of opening doors most of the time, but if he’s ever outside, his eagerness to get back in apparently makes him forget how to operate this complicated technology. And this problem is genetic, because the same thing happens to his poor wife:

CapcomWe’re assuming they’re also cousins.

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