Outdoor Freakz Camping Cutlery and Outdoor Cutlery

Outdoor camping cutlery from OUTDOOR FREAKZ

Traveling the world and you never have the right cutlery?
With this outdoor cutlery you are always well prepared: Whether you are camping, climbing, traveling, having a BBQ or backpacking, the right cutlery set is now always with you!
Minimized to perfection, it only contains the most important tools:

– spoon
– knife
– fork
– bottle opener

Highest quality for highest demands:

The cutlery set is made of stainless steel and comes with a weatherproof bag made of high-performance neoprene. With 130 gram this cutlery travel kit is a real lightwight.

Big advantage: The cutlery set can be stowed in the waterproof neoprene bag, even if it is still wet from the last washing up in a mountain brook. With the additional carabiner the transport is so easy!

No unnecessary Gadgets

We just added the most important gadgets to this cutlery-set, no unnecessary gadgets will take space:

Small, light and durable!

From us for you!

This is a product of “OUTDOOR FREAKZ”, made for you, people who love outdoor activities, to improve and simplify your outdoor life. All you have to do now is to enjoy the experience!CAMPING CUTLERY – Made for all Outdoor-Fans who like tools without any poppycock! Reduced to the essentials gadgets: spoon, knife, fork and bottle opener in a weatherproof neoprene bag with a transport carabiner!
STAINLESS STEEL – This camping cutlery is suitable for all weather situations: The cutlery is made of stainless steel, the bag is made of high-performance neoprene!
NEOPRENE BAG and CARABINER – The camping cutlery comes in a high performance neoprene bag and a transport carabiner which makes the transport in a backpack very easy, even if it is still wet from the last washing up in a mountain brook.
SPACE-SAVING & LIGHTWIGHT – Measurements 107 x 38 x 29 mm and 130 g
OPTIMIZED FOR OUTDOOR PROFESSIONALS – The camping cutlery is made for all outdoor areas, its length of 18 cm makes it perfect for your kitchen too.

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