Dating Reality Shows That Achieved Full Berserk

The show was hosted by soap opera star and officiator of Howard Stern’s wedding Mark Consuelos, which is somehow both a very random and a deeply appropriate choice. Each week, Philippoussis would go on a date with one or two of the women, then eliminate one in the standard dating show way. Really, a missed opportunity not to do some sort of gimmick whereby he’d eliminate the cougars in one way (like over a landline) and the kittens another (like via text). Yes, I know that’s playing on stereotypes, but this whole show is, so maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad if they leaned in even harder? Alas, probably not.

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The Parents On Parental Control Were Truly Bizarre

Each episode of Parental Control, which managed to run from 2005 to 2010, opened with a set of parents introducing their absolute angel teen / early 20-something child … but wait, there’s a problem! Their kid has a terrible significant other. By “terrible,” the parents mean they’re spoiled, rude, or in one case, pick their nose and fling the boogers wherever they may go. (The booger-flinger is also a “fake punk,” which the parents somehow spend much more time dwelling on.)

The parents were of course left with no other option but to go to an MTV-orchestrated cattle call to find their kid a new beau, where they asked totally normal questions that would definitely help them learn about compatibility, such as this one:

Dating Reality Shows That Achieved Full Berserk Funny MTV

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